Utopia Theatre at the Today I'm Wiser Festival (Arcola)

A Double Bill

Between the dates of 29th September and October 2nd 2021, we will be running productions of 'Here’s What She Says to Me’ by Oladipo Agboluaje and ‘And the Girls in Their Sunday Dresses’ by Zakes Mda 

The productions will be hosted in Arcola's brand new outdoor space as part of their Today I'm Wiser Festival.

The project is funded by an Art's Council England Project Grant

'Here’s What She Said to Me' by Oladipo Agbolaje 

If I were like you, I’d have never found a man to marry me. And that right there is a problem.

Meet Agbeke, Omotola and Aramide, the three generations of proud African women connecting with each other across two continents, across time and space. Together they share their struggles, their joys, tragedies and broken dreams in order to find healing in the present.

Here’s What She Said to Me combines drama with music, poetry and movement to tell a moving story of daughters and mothers in the world of migrations and shifting identities, braving life with undying hope, optimism and resilience.

Wednesday 29 September at 6.30pm - Thursday 30 September at 8.30pm

 Friday 1 October at 6.30pm - Saturday 2 October at 8.30pm

‘And the Girls in Their Sunday Dresses’ by Zakes Mda 

A dynamic two-hander, taking on the topic of inequalities and state bureaucracy as a powerful tool of oppression. In the tenacious shadow of apartheid, the possibility of change in South Africa remains suffocated by corruption, which is facilitated by an insidious network of red tape and inefficiency. The gulf between ostensive and actual parity between white and black, and the suffering which persists among the country’s poorest inhabitants are the themes of Zakes Mda’s witty and astute 1988 play, and they remain outrageously pertinent today.

Wednesday 29 September at 9 pm - Thursday 30 September at 6.30 pm

Friday 1 October at 9 pm - Saturday 2 October at 6.30 pm


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Here's What She Said to Me  And the Girls in Their Sunday Dresses