Baobab Creative Hub

In support of the Utopia Baobab Project



After the success of last year's Creative Hub, we are doing a second, mini Creative Hub to help raise funds for the Utopia Baobab Project. We have brought together a collection of talented and wise creatives who are donating their time and wisdom to help us raise the funds to pass the baton to the next generation of theatremakers. 

Baobab Creative Hub Workshops

Visual Play in Production with Matthew Xia

Matthew Xia will share the process of how he moves from the initial read of a play to full production - with a particular focus on the visual world of play. This will include how the design team is selected, and collaborated with. Examples will include: One Night in Miami. Shebeen. And the current ATC / Young Vic / Festival.Org project Family Tree.

Writing for Radio with Patricia Cumper

An introduction to writing for radio. Learn about creating the sound world, using spot effects and movement, writing clear dialogue, practical tips on casting, structure and working with producers.

The Loneliness of a Black Solo Performer/Activist

Tayo Aluko was a self-employed architect in Liverpool for many years. He tried to become a developer too but found his way blocked by unfortunate circumstances. His colour and his inability to recognise the "potential of corruption" didn't help either. Frustrated, he gave up designing and building buildings and embarked on telling stories of Black activism in theatre buildings way, way beyond Liverpool. This started in 2008 - Liverpool's Capital of Culture year - and the year his architecture business came tumbling down. Four years later, he found himself on stage at Carnegie Hall, New York.

In this workshop, he shares some of his personal stories, in the hope that it might inspire at least one other person to take a leap of faith into the abyss, and live to tell the tale...

Preparing your Script for Rehearsing - Actions and Keywords

In this workshop, actors will explore practical approaches to preparing a script for a rehearsal. Actors will have the chance to see the effect of actioning thoughts, and how identifying keywords can transform meaning and delivery in performance.

Writing a Short Story with Anni Domingo

Join Anni Domingo in the exploration of how to use short stories as a medium. The workshop will help you explore your core message in each short story you tell, create a strong outline, develop engaging characters, get a draft finished and even edit future drafts. Not one to miss for those interested in writing.

Writing Comedy for Stage with Oladipo Agboluaje

What makes a play funny? Can you make any situation funny? This workshop examines how to write comedy for the stage. We will look at different types of comedy such as satire and farce and ask the question - what makes people laugh today?

Uncle Errol's Protest Poetry Workshop

In these times of mass protest when not even quarantining can quell unrest... ie George Floyd/Israel-Gaza/BLM/Amazon Workers/AntiVacs/ kneeling-booing/woke-antiwoke/ anti-protest/ peaceful-non peaceful etc taking to the streets is one way of making your voice heard; Writing and reciting Spoken Word Poetry is another. In this dynamic one-off, online Spoken Word Workshop designed and delivered by Errol for Utopia Theatre, participants will have a go at getting their heads around the events of the last couple of years by exploring a collection of well-known protest poems as well as writing their own.