Moji Kareem is an award-winning theatre director and workshop facilitator of Nigerian descent. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Utopia Theatre, a company resident at Sheffield Theatres.



About Moji

Moji Kareem is an award-winning theatre director and workshop facilitator of Nigerian descent. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Utopia Theatre, a company resident at Sheffield Theatres.

She has a First Class Honours degree in Theatre/ Directing from York St John University. Moji was the recipient of the York Theatre Royal Graduate Prize for Directors. She began her directing career at York Theatre Royal. She is passionate about the growth and development of black performers and creatives. Moji Kareem’s directing includes: Forest Dreaming (Geraldine Connor Foundation- Outdoor Opera performances Victoria Gate, Leeds Market and West Yorkshire Playhouse), Iyalode of Eti (Arcola Theatre, Rich Mix, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Sheffield Theatre, Cast) House of Corrections (Riverside Studios); London Tales (LOST Theatre, Rich Mix, CLF Art Café); The Shepherd’s Chameleon (CLF Art Café); Wake Me When It’s Time (York Theatre Royal); The Maids (York Theatre, Studio York); This is Our Chance (Cultural Centre, Calabar, Nigeria). Moji is a trustee at Sheffield Theatres Trust.



Current Project

Shadows In Different Shades

A semi-autobiographical story of three generations of women on two continents. We follow their need to connect with each other across time and space as they confront the secrets of their past in order to find a place of healing in the present. The story told through music, ritual, poetry, and movement, takes us on an intimate journey of these women’s lives, following their highs and lows, their triumphs and losses.


By Oladipo Agboluaje
From an original concept inspired and directed by Moji Kareem
Original music and lyrics composed and directed by Juwon Ogungbe



Working with Moji was a highly collaborative and enriching process. She had so much time to give the individual actor and appreciated that everyone had their own process. She has a very clear image in her head of how she wants things to be, but she will easily let go of something if she sees it is not working. She is a really inspiring director who sees the best in everything and always positive with a healthy attitude to the arts. As a person she is a real business woman with a tenaciousness about her. Yet this is not used in a frightening way, in fact it is endearing and you can’t help but fall in love with her.
— Olivia Nicholson, Actress
What I like best about working with Moji is her openness to listen to everybody’s ideas. There were no restrictions when it came to creativity and we were all given the opportunity to express our ideas, and try them out. If they worked they worked and if not you moved on. As a result of working with Moji I gained confidence in myself as a performer .She is warm and enthusiastic, organised, level headed and won’t take bull shit.
— Lucie Chester, Actress
Moji knows what she wants and works to find and produce exactly what she needs. With her direct manner and attitude I knew that I would learn and develop working with her.

Since working with Moji, I have realised what I am able to do within myself, it made me realise that I have the ability to not only be directed, but watch the people we were working with, analyse and direct them. Seeing Moji use her method and vision set a great example to allow me to think of other avenues for me.

The great thing about working with Moji is the atmosphere and the way she takes charge of what’s going on and conducts everything. Everyone has a voice and their input is always considered.

Working with Moji was the first time I had performed in a straight play and it made me realise my own strengths, made me grow in confidence and gave me goals to work towards.

I would highly recommend Moji; the efforts she puts in towards her cast are beyond expectations. Her attention to detail and text will bring it to life in a different way than you imagine.
— Sarah Sharman, Actress
From the very first day of rehearsals I was very impressed by Moji’s openness regarding what she wanted to do with the play.

My favourite aspect of working with her was her enthusiasm for her work. She cared for the play, the company and all of us, and she loved doing it. It makes it easier to work in that environment. I learned a lot. From the way I prepare for a role, to the way I present myself, I have worked with these things since. Throughout the production I grew as an actor, and I really appreciate that. I would absolutely recommend her. From actors that may want to work with her, producers, investors. I’d recommend her to pretty much anyone who wants to listen. People should know that Moji is dead serious and plenty ambitious when it comes to her work. She makes things happen. I loved working with her and the girls and every success she has in theatre, she deserves.
— Thom Solberg, Actor