Our Story

Who We Are

Utopia Theatre Company Limited is a leading African theatre company in the UK, founded in Sheffield in 2012 by Mojisola Elufowoju, FRSA. The company prides itself on being a leading voice in African Theatre, particularly in the digital space. The company is dedicated to demonstrating the rich cultural heritage of Africa’s theatre canon, and in so doing, dispel stereotypes and encourage authentic voices from the African Diaspora.

With a unique style combining African theatre tradition with that of the Western world, Utopia Theatre creates artistic work which represents voices of the African diaspora in the 21st century. The company works in 3 main areas – theatre production and touring both in the UK and on the international stage, supporting new and developing artists, and using African Theatre and Storytelling within the community. Utopia Theatre prides itself on its ability to deliver its work both live and digitally, with a wealth of online resources and digital events.

Our Vision

To inspire a revolution in African Theatre.


Our Mission

  • Produce...

      Innovative contemporary African theatre productions and encourage authentic new voices from the African Diaspora to share their stories on our stages and engage diverse audiences. 

  • Profile...  

      Raise awareness and increase appreciation of African culture in the Arts.

  • People...

     Invest in the skills development of artists (people from the African community and practitioners passionate about African theatre) and support their route to regular employment. We want to provoke, educate, entertain, to challenge and to delight, create lasting memories and inspire others' artistic experiences and journeys.

  • Partner...

     Nurture a network of partners and build mutual support in order to develop an innovative approach to working with the African community in the UK and to build global audiences.

  • Place...

      We tell epic stories in big and small spaces. We develop creative performances (live and digital) where artists can come together to test ideas and experiment with new ways of working and lead to touring productions nationally and internationally.

We want to innovate the ways the public experience theatre so that is not just in buildings but as part of their everyday lives, not just as observers but as participants, not just with words but with all the theatrical tools available. We believe that theatre is one way in which we can "catch the conscience" of the people. Our mission is to stage creative works from Africa and its Diaspora through a process that actively engages African communities, facilitates the development of emerging artists and fosters dialogue and creative exchanges.