Bringing To Life The Magic Of Theatre.

Utopia Theatre is a Sheffield based company that aims to produce high quality cross cultural content that enhances the value of the African community and promotes its recognition and its integration. We create festivals, films, opera, dance, new plays and we re-imagine classics in a way that demonstrate their contemporary relevance and appeal to a new audience. The company synthesises African and Western performing traditions to celebrate the meeting of different cultures. With productions in Yorkshire, London and internationally, programmes are aimed at developing the talents and raising the profile of Black writers and performers.

Utopia productions are the result of sustained collaborative effort to fuse sound, music, image, dance, storytelling and text. We are committed to bringing to life the magic of theatre through innovative productions that engage and communicate directly with the audience, and to bringing both an intellectual rigour and visual flair to productions.


Our Mission

Utopia Theatre exists to raise awareness and increase appreciation of African culture by creating new work and presenting established classics within a strong African context, and in so doing, employ African artists, dispelling stereotypes and encouraging authentic voices from the African diaspora.

Our Vision

Our vision is that African theatre and its practice will become fully recognised in the UK and its artists and practitioners able to secure regular employment and attract diverse audiences as a key strand of mainstream theatre in the West


Moji Kareem

Moji Kareem is an accomplished, award-winning theatre director, possessing rich, diverse and global experience over ten years working in various roles in the theatre industry as a theatre director, producer, dramaturg, community theatre facilitator, drama worker and workshop leader. Read More